Joint Core Community Center

Joint Core Community Center

This project is a community center on a vacant lot in Clintonville along High Street. The project was shorter than the others, and was meant to feel like quickly generating a competition entry with the deadline uncomfortably near.

As I have been reading a bit on the Metabolism movement, I took the idea of joint core mega-structures, scaled it down, and applied a sense of gravity to it. I wanted to walk the line between engaging the community and staying true to the idea of removing oneself from the ground.

A number of sketches and small study models were generated. One was selected, and it was full speed ahead on producing drawings and a model.

I wanted to try a different style of final drawings, hence the hatching. The final building is enormous, as I wanted to maintain a semblance of the scale of the mega-structures that inspired this design.

Below are photos of the massing model. One important thing I learned with this was to triple-check your paints. I thought I bought spray paint that was safe for foam...turns out it was of the foam-melting kind.