Year 50

Year 50

The First Board tells the story.

It demonstrates a reality where the conditions of refugees traveling on foot are too dangerous. This United Nations action begins an era of sky-camps, that over time can populate and become recognized political entities. It offers re-repatriation for people who no longer have a home.

Global wind patterns will take this particular cluster throughout Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Immediate concerns of being airborne are also addressed, such as weather and projectiles. Of course, a flying city is absurd. It’s extreme. I wanted to urge a dialogue on the dangerous conditions refugees face today.

The Second Board makes it real.

A technical analysis of the science behind an individual pod makes it viable, but begs the question of its necessity.The icosahedrion frame protects the unit and connects it to other modules. A magnetic weight and layers of compressed helium hold a floating interior sphere that can rotate freely without disrupting the interior.Each pod has pores that intake pollutants from first world nations and converts it to helium through fractional distillation. This helium helps it stay in the air.As communities start to form, necessary pods will be introduced to meet the needs of the inhabitants.