At Architectural Alliance, I learned so much about construction documentation process. The vast majority of my work involved developing documents to be submitted for bid/permit. This demands a lot of communication between team members, consultants, and vendors. Most of my work has been on automotive dealerships and service areas.
This Jaguar / Land Rover (JLR) dealership and service workshop currently being built in on an existing campus of automotive dealerships. The biggest challenge derived from the demanding design standard of JLR, where the entire building layout derives from the module of a floor tile. This, alongside prototype deviations and strict local codes, made this project particularly interesting - with an assortment of new challenges to face. I have seen this project from preliminary sketches through Construction Administration today.
The Ricart Welcome Center is the security station for the company’s campus. The design accommodates more employees and provides a more prominent entrance than the previous structure. I produced the Construction Documents, coordinating with Mechanical and Structural engineers.
Porsche was still in the Construction Documentation phase when I left archall, but it will be built on the same campus as the Jaguar / Land Rover.
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