This was a short project - 2 weeks from beginning to end. The function of this pavilion was to be a preliminary tasting space for a future whiskey distillery. Design direction was entirely self-generated.

The original concept of this tasting space began as an expansion on some of the ideas that came to me when working on my Conservatory/Laboratory. I like the simplicity of creating dichotomies. In the final product, a tall, monolithic structure comprised of three twisted volumes is subverted by a mesh that drives aperture and accents circulation.
While the project was developed very quickly, I still threw together a 1" = 1'-0" scale model. Though the context doesn't offer much in terms of just how large it is, the final height of the model was just shy of 36". I didn't get around to assembling a ground to demonstrate the change in grade.
Below are a few progress images through the project's rapid development.
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